Bitty Batter's Gingerbread

Bitty Batter bought some butter.

“But,” said she, “this butter’s bitter.

If I put it in my batter,It will make my batter bitter.”

So she bought some better butter,

And she put the better butter in the bitter batter,

And made the bitter batter better.

The nice thing about baking gingerbread is that you know "for sure" in a little while how the batter turned out. What if the gingerbread you are baking are not men, but little men and little women?

Like Bitty Batter, any good cook tastes a little along the way, to see how the batter is going. Teachers are not unlike cooks; I suppose that is why we test -- to see how the batter tastes.

Alas, we must wait a little longer than a couple hours to know "for sure" how the final product turns out.

Of course, there are a thousand differences between gingerbread and children, but I'm sure that I could learn something from Bitty Batter if I listen.

But it's nearly Christmas, and gingerbread and children are calling!

Merry Christmas!

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