Hobby or Profession?

What I might say to a husband who is concerned about his children's education at home -- after telling him that free advice is often worthless --

This is not an endorsement for mandatory state regulations of homeschoolers. Rather, this is a friendly reminder to always view your efforts at school with humility.


Perhaps in the next break in school -- Easter or summer -- you can use examples from your own life how accountability is a part of life. And, the point of accountability is not to tear the teacher down, but rather to encourage the teacher and give some fresh ideas. If at all possible try to draw comparisons to your own professional life.

Homeschooling is your wife's professional life. (Repeat three times.) Don't say anything else until she is convinced that you understand this. Draw the distinction between a "hobbiest" and a "professional." Hobbiests do not need accountability. Professionals do. (Repeat three times.)

First, reassure your wife that you are by no means an expert in education, and that you don't pretend to be.

Second, admit that "paper and pen" testing is a clumsy instrument for feedback. So, "accountability does not [have to] equal testing"

I am deeply sympathetic to your wife's apprehension of having you "nose" into "her business". But the children's school is not her hobby. It is her profession.

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