Fourth Grade

I've been apprehensive about 4th grade, but now I am having a little more confidence after having finally put my energies toward it.

The deal is this:
1. Get the oldest started on his schoolwork.
2. Tutor the K-3 crowd.
3. Eat lunch.
4. 1 hour family cleaning break.
5. Review 4th grader's daily tasks.
6. Morning prayer and/or literature. Or not. Save those for another day sometimes.
7. Dinner
8. Homework for BoyWonder if he spent all morning avoiding schoolwork.

I am designing a daily list for my 4th grader, to check off his tasks as he goes.
This is a rough draft of how the year is shaping up for him:

1. Science -- http://www.noeoscience.com/ Biology II
We received the materials this week, and they splashy and well organized. If this company put this effort into 4-6 American History -- if this goes well -- I would be all over that.

2. Math -- http://www.mathusee.com/ We are a happy mus ("moose") family.

3. Intermediate Language Lessons -- After discovering how Mother of Divine Grace handles this, I proceeded to look for the MODG 3rd grade lessons for Primary LL. I think MODG probably handles it better than I did, this year.

4 and 5. Geography Through Literature (www.bfbooks.com)-- along with a thorough study of States/Capitals/Mountains/Rivers/Population/Area ala MODG -- I think this will provide a solid groundwork for 5th grade History (http://www.catholictextbookproject.com/)

6. Spelling -- Well, not all of my materials have arrived, so this is still in the air, but I am thinking of a two week phonics, one week word root study, one week off schedule. I heartily agree that phonics is very important, but ALL PHONICS ALL THE TIME -- I don't want to do that to the kid.

7. I have added "Saints" to the workload, but my Vision Book Study Guide has not yet arrived and since we already do morning prayer, the status of this is still up in the air. 8. Fine Arts -- using MODG for an outline, tentatively. MODG starts music lessons in 2nd grade (I don't; it doesn't start with R) so some tweaking there.

I'm not saying a list will somehow keep me from having to tutor this child, but I see the potential for this helping us to stay on task and develop independent learning skills.

I grouped 4/5 and 7/8 together because they are sometimes listed as separate subjects. We have an 11-month schoolyear so we aren't doing everything everyday.


Ebeth said...

Sounds like a great plan!! We have a 5th grader and a 7th grader here. Five years ago, we started on MODG's planners and books, love the poetry memorization, dictation, and classical approach. We recently went with Seton nearly totally. Not sure what I think about it. Both girls love the religion, spelling,and do well in them, but I don't feel as In-the-loop with them as they are pretty self governing.

You have inspired me to get on to next year's curriculum!!....No wait! I have to order their standardized tests first!!


Henry Cate said...

"I am designing a daily list for my 4th grader, to check off his tasks as he goes."

Having a list helps a child to know when they are done. We've found that a weekly list seems to also work well. Our daughters have some motivation to get all the work done in the first three or four days, so they can then play.