Morning Prayer

We study our faith as a family around here. This is what we've done for March:

1. The story of OT Joseph.
2. Psalm 22
3. Jesus in Jerusalem -- something I liked a lot more than I expected.
4. Stabat Mater -- the first verse, sung and memorized in English and Latin, with vocab study.
5. O Blessed St. Joseph
6. Two Poems: The Cow and Old Ironsides with a history study of Old Ironsides.
7. The Pledge.

OK, the last two aren't prayers. That said, if I want to do something regularly as a family that doesn't involve eating, it's gotta get tacked on to morning prayer.

The bio of Joseph and the hymn to Joseph is a happy coincidence; we started the Bible in January and it took three months to finish Genesis.

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