Holy See National Anthem

We watched the Pope speak this morning. We heard, among other lovely things American, the National Anthem of the Holy See. I thought you may be interested in the lyrics, translated from the Latin. I think I understand that the lyrics are rarely sung anymore. Too bad.

Happy Birthday! Viva Il Papa!

"Hymn and Pontifical March" (Inno e Marcia Pontificale)
English Translation of Latin Words

O happy Rome - O noble Rome
You are the seat of Peter, whose blood was shed in Rome,
Peter, to whom the keys of the kingdom of heaven were given.
Pontiff, You are the successor of Peter;
Pontiff, You are the teacher, you confirm your brethren;
Pontiff, You who are the Servant of the servants of God,
and fisher of men, are the shepherd of the flock,
linking heaven and earth.
Pontiff, You are the vicar of Christ on earth,
a harbor amidst the waves, You are a beacon in the darkness;
You are the defender of peace, You are the guardian of unity,
watchful defender of liberty; in You is the authority.
You Pontiff, you are the unshakable rock, and on this rock
was built the Church of God.
O happy Rome - O noble Rome."

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