In our house, good morning kisses are called "vitamins". So, if I ask for a kiss from the oldest, I tell him I need to take my daily dose of "Vitamin G."

This is a little ditty, set to an original tune, by the oldest daughter:

Oh, Vitamin L
and Vitamin F
Vitamin I
and Vitamin G
How could they do
without me?
Their sister, Vitamin T.

Vitamin L
I can really tell
She's so lovely.

Vitamin F
She's one of the best
And she is Vitamin F.

Vitamin I
Loves pumpkin pie
And Vitamin I
Loves other pie.

Vitamin G
Is so funny
And cute
And full of glee.

But the best the best that can ever be. . .
Oh, How could they do without me?
Vitamin T!

How could they do
Without Vitamin T???


majellamom said...

Sounds like we're not the only ones living in a musical!

Very cute song!

il postino said...

hahahaha! :-D

hmmm... kinda sounds like a "They Might Be Giants" song