Blessed Among Women

Judith is hailed as "Blessed among women." And, maybe even Deborah and Jael were hailed as "blessed among women" -- Jael also assasinated another pagan general -- during the time of the Judges. Her story is in the Golden Bible, too. Look for Deborah right after Joshua dies (you'll find Joshua in charge after Moses dies).

Apparently, in the OT, you get to be named "Blessed among women" if you smash the head of your enemy. Jael stabbed her enemy with a tent spike through the temples, and Judith beheaded Holofernes.

Look closely at these pics and tell me which is which.

The Peasant woman who looks as if she's just taking care of chickens or

The aristocratic woman who is cringing at the task ?

Here is the Queen of Peace.

It must be that the Queen of Peace is the queen of peace precisely because she smashes the head of our enemy with the blade of humility. The enemy must think she's the most devious of all! (Gen 3:15)

Judith said: Praise ye the Lord our God, who hath not forsaken them that hope in him. And by me his handmaid he hath fulfilled his mercy, which he promised to the house of Israel: and he hath killed the enemy of his people by my hand this night.

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