Dear Husband can't be home for Thanksgiving, so we are getting a head start on making ornaments for the season. I don't hold a candle to Our Domestic Church for crafts, but these are more in my league (major craft wimps). So far, here are some favorites.

Son's favorite:

Candy Train Craft
Glue dots
A roll of hard candy (I used Mentos)
4 wrapped peppermint candies
A wrapped caramel
A wrapped chocolate kiss
Look at the picture for assembly. I don't add the ribbon.

Melt the rest of the caramels for apples.

One daughter's favorite:
Life Saver Wreath --

Shoestring licorice
Regular or Gummi green Life Savers
Use scissors to cut a piece of shoestring licorice 12 to 15 inches in length. Next, carefully string on about 15 Life Savers. Gather the ends of the licorice together and tie them into a bow to form a wreath. I added a ribbon because I didn't trust that much weight to a licorice rope.

My favorite:

What you'll need:
Glue Dots

Ribbons or yarn for hanging
1 wrapped candy cane (this has to be wrapped around the candy, not a 'bagged' candy cane)
1 tiny pom-pom for the nose
2 little wiggle eyes (or paper eyes drawn and cut out)
Brown pipe cleaners for the antlers

How to make it:
Look at the illustration.

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