School Lunch Program

I like the idea of Unit Studies. I am currently implementing a Unit Study - influenced approach to religious instruction, and will soon be getting in the mail a history book that is Unit Study - influenced.

I have actually done Unit Studies with Math, of all things. Though for the most part we do a math program that is highly tutored, once in a while for a break we pull out materials for "time" or "measurement" or some other such thing that gives everyone a chance to participate to their ability. It may be tutored in that I work individually with each child, but it is pretty cool that everyone can be on the same page in their studies.

I think the same could be said for Language Arts, which is definitely more of my forte. For example, the two year old can be taught "The Itsy Bitsy spider climbed up the waterspout." The five year old can trace it, the seven year old can use it for spelling instruction (copywork/dictation) and the nine year old can diagram it.

Like at the dinner table. For a large-ish family, and for a family with a mom whose motto is "keep it simple," for the most part everyone eats the same thing for meals. Because the infant is breast-fed, you really can say that everyone eats at the same table.

If I ever design a homeschool program I'm going to call it the Homeschool Lunch Program, where everyone learns at the same table.

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