A Milestone

Out of the blue my five year old daughter declared that she is ready for chapter books for her literature -- I can save the picture books for her little sisters. (Of course I fully expect her to be right there for the little girls' literature sessions with picture books.)

The two older ones dropped everything, pulled her up into our home's library, and came down with a stack of books that included Treasure Island, Charlotte's Web, and the Boxcar Children. The nine year old pulled the last book out of the stack and promptly started reading the first chapter to her.

Welcome to the Club!

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Ebeth said...

What did you teach your children to read with? We used "100 Easy Lessons" and viola they were reading within a few weeks the simple "Bob books" Our then 2nd grader was reading all the Boxcar kids' books when the kindergarten sister finished EZ lessons and within 2 months was reading the books the 2nd grader was finishing. My husband loved it and was then sold on homeschooling.