Teachers Love (and Hate) Flex Days

This is a reprint from a comment to http://beofish.blogspot.com/2007/11/im-still-not-used-to-it.html .

However, I've been kicking around these ideas for a long time, and in fact, spoke to this very issue at a roundtable discussion at the local homeschool conference:

I think the homeschool movement's fear of government oversight keeps homeschoolers from speaking frankly about the struggle to provide a quality education without much accountability.

I homeschool year-round to allow for ample flex days throughout the year. And, I aim for 200 school days so that if we "only" get in 180 schooldays we are still doing okay. And, that way we can do bite-sized pieces of school per day, too.

One can be easily misled into thinking that "the perfect curriculum" will solve all of life's troubles. I think that Self-Discipline and Family Discipline are the keys to successful homeschooling.

And, toss in Curriculum insofar as a bad curriculum/student match will have a negative impact on the homeschool, but a even the best curriculum/student match cannot save a homeschool where self-discipline and family discipline are lacking.

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