I told the kids they are awayschoolers now.

Daughter wrinkled her nose and said, "Well, only homeschoolers can go to this awayschool."

She's right. I've got them in enrichment classes.

Thanks to the art class, we now have a menagerie of handpuppets: bugs, birds, frogs, reptiles and snakes made out of construction paper, with all sorts of sundry items for eyes, and all kinds of beaks and curly tongues and forked tongues, and even one critter who appears to have rabies, with all of the glue that was used on the tongue!

Also, there is homework for the writing class.

I am not exactly a poster child for routine (that wouldn't be whimsical, I s'pose)but I am glad tutoring has been the bedrock of "readin' 'ritin' n' 'rithmatic" for a couple of years; the kids just accept that the awayschool writing assignments are in addition to "real school" at home.

Delicious, isn't it? "Real school" is at home, and "other school" is at school.

This, in the face of having to buy backpacks for "other school" because there was never a need for them in "real school."

Welcome to St. Peter's School of Fish, turning the world's assumptions upside down, one cliche at a time.

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